Sports Day


Sports Day 2022

Our School Sports Day took place on the 16th June 2022. Many thanks to the Parents Association for organising refreshments and medals. 









Sports Day 2021


Our school sports day took place on Wednesday 16th June 2021. We had lots of fun!!! Many thanks to our Parent’s Association for our medals and to our Board of Management for the lovely ice-cream.

Sports Day 2017

Annual Sports Day was held on 21st June 2107. A good day was had by all and we were lucky the rain held  off.Great fun was had by children and parents.We had great activities including egg and spoon race, sack race,  sprints and of course the teacher sprint race, also the parents race. It was great to have the new pupils there to enjoy the day.

Everyone was presented with a medal . Thank you to the  Parents Association for providing the medals.

A photograph was taken by the Celt Newspaper for our school receiving our Active Flag. Well done to all the pupils for taking part.We also received our second Green Fag , well done to the Green Flag committee for all their hard work.


Sports Day 2016

Our Annual Sports Day was held on Friday May 27th this year and we were blessed with beautiful weather. Great fun was had by children and grown-ups alike. Some of the activities included the sack race, egg and spoon race, sprints and the new addition from last year, the sponge relay. The highly anticipated parent races once again proved very successful and competitive. To end the day, the boys, girls and adults were presented with a certificate and a medal. Many thanks to everyone who attended and to the Parents Association who provided the beautiful medals.

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School Sports Day 2015

On Friday June 19th we had our Annual School Sports’ Day. Everyone had great fun taking part in the traditional sports’ day activities as well as a few new additions. Events included the egg and spoon race, the three-legged race, the sack race, short and long distance runs as well as target throws. The younger classes really enjoyed their wet sponge race!

Not only did the children get a great opportunity to try their hand at the various events but the parents also took part. They were cheered on from the sideline by all the children. Needless to say there was fierce competition in these races.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed some refreshments and everyone who participated was presented with a certificate and a medal. Many thanks to the Parents’ Association who supplied the beautiful medals. A special word of thanks also to all the parents who helped with the running of the activities and the serving of the refreshments.